Chloe 280SE

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Infobox: Chloe 280SE
Manufacturer Specification only
Mfg. volume None
CPU Z804C0020 @ 3.5MHz / 21MHz
ROM 32kB
RAM 256kB
as pages 64kB + 64kB + 128kB
Gfx Res 256×192 or 512×192 (hi-res)
Gfx Colours 256 (2 per 8×8 or 8×1 cell), or 2 (hi-res)

The Chloe 280SE was originally a reference specification for a production version of the ZX Spectrum SE. It had the following differences:

  • T-states are exactly as per the 48K Spectrum.
  • 256K total RAM (no page 8 in the HOME bank, and no 8K serial RAM on the PSG)
  • 224K of uncontended RAM (64K in each sideways bank, 96K in the HOME bank)
  • 32K of contended VRAM (page 5 and 7 in the HOME bank)
  • No RAM contention when paging sideways RAM over the HOME bank.
  • 32K Flash ROM (no TR-DOS traps, SE Basic IV is the default firmware).
  • ULAplus support in all video modes.
  • Z84C0020PEG CPU (software switchable between 3.5Mhz and 21Mhz).
  • YM219F PSG (software switchable stereo panning).

It subsequently became an FPGA project not directly related to the ZX Spectrum.