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An emulator is a program which reproduces the behaviour of one computing platform while running on another.

There are a wide variety of emulators for Sinclair machines.

List of emulators

A more complete list can be found at WoS; many of the links here point to the WoS FTP archive.


Fuse (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) by Philip Kendall. Very accurate.

JSpeccy by José Luis Sánchez. Written in Java.


ZX Spin by Paul Dunn. A popular choice which supports a wide range of hardware including addons such as the ULAplus.

BASin by Paul Dunn. Not strictly an emulator, but a Spectrum BASIC Development environment.

Spectaculator by Jonathan Needle. Distributed as a shareware trial version; the full version costs 20GBP. Reputedly very accurate and complete.

Spud by Richard Chandler.

RealSpectrum by Ramsoft. Claimed to have complete accuracy, but we now know that was wishful thinking at best.

  • Originally DOS-based, runs on XP and older.
  • No longer under active development.
  • Disappeared from the web when Ramsoft left the scene in a huff; copies are still floating around...