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(Updated with changes from latest version (4.2).)
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* 32K ROM
* 32K ROM
* [[ULAplus]] palette support
* [[ULAplus]] palette support
* [[Timex]] video modes
* [[Timex 2000 series]] video modes
* [[esxDOS]] storage device ([[divIDE]]/[[divMMC]])
* [[esxDOS]] storage device ([[divIDE]]/[[divMMC]])

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An open source (GPLv2) firmware for the Chloe 280SE, forked from OpenSE BASIC. Although it is designed for the Chloe, it can also be used with Spectrum compatible machines that meet these requirements:

Although it shares a lot of code with OpenSE BASIC, there are major differences:

  • ROM footprint increased from 16K to 32K.
  • BASIC footprint increased from 16K to 23K (with the last 7K copied to RAM).
  • No tape support.
  • Integrated disk commands.
  • 80 x 24 text mode.
  • New 6x8 font designed specifically to work well in hi-res mode.
  • 8-bit character set / code page support.
  • No separate UDGs.
  • All 256 characters can be redefined.
  • Character set stored in paged RAM.
  • Support for up to 134 tokens.
  • Language localization.
  • Syntax is closer to Microsoft BASIC.
  • No support for legacy software.
  • Application package format (programs can be launched with RUN "my program").
  • Simplified ULAplus support (a programmable 16 color palette where users can combine any foreground color with any background color).
  • Frame buffer moved to paged RAM.

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