SE Basic IV

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An open source (GPLv2) firmware for the Chloe 280SE, forked from OpenSE BASIC. The main changes are:

  • 32K ROM (with ROM-1 working independently as a 16K ROM).
  • An 80x24 hi-res text mode.
  • Existing commands are renamed to match the Minimal BASIC 78 standard.
  • Reduced support for the following commands in legacy software:
    • BRIGHT
    • CAT
    • COPY
    • ERASE
    • FLASH
    • FORMAT
    • LLIST
    • LPRINT
    • MOVE
  • New commands:
    • CALL (replaces COPY)
    • CLUT (replaces FLASH)
    • COLOR (replaces BRIGHT)
    • FAST (replaces LLIST)
    • MODE (replaces FORMAT)
    • PUT (replaces MOVE)
    • RESET (replaces ERASE)
    • SLOW (replaces LPRINT)
    • TRACE (replaces VERIFY)
    • UDG (replaces CAT)

This brings the total number of new commands not present in the original Spectrum ROM to 16 (including DELETE, EDIT, RENUM, PALETTE, SOUND and ON ERROR).

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