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I don't go in #polo any more
I'm a young and hotheaded coder who's occasionally been a bit of a nuisance in the past, but now even ''Guesser'' thinks I've grown up.
I spend my time learning undergrad studied maths at Cambridge, and spend my time hacking up anything and everything in C (from an IRC client to the lambda calculus, and most things in between).
I hang around on #spin, #speccy, and #zx and #polo on; occasionally I post to WoS (as ''AY Chip'') or comp.sys.sinclair (as ''ec429'').
My location on the web isn't all that constant, but there's usually an up-to-date pointer at []. My website runs a homebrew webserver running on my laptop, so occasionally Bad Things may happen to it (it doesn't fall over ''much'').

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