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#REDIRECT [[ZX Spectrum+ 128K]]
For other models of 128K Spectrum see [[ZX Spectrum 128K models]]
*Processor: Zilog Z80A microprocessor clocked at 3.5469MHz.
*ROM: 32KB ROM, arranged in 2 pages of 16KB.
*RAM: 128KB of Dynamic RAM, arranged in 8 pages of 16KB.
*Graphics: 256 x 129 pixels, 16 colours, attribute based. See [[Spectrum Video Modes]].
*Sound: [[AY-3-8912]] 3 channel, 8 octave Programmable Sound Generator and "beeper". Modulated onto video signal.
*Keyboard: 58 plastic keys above a rubber pad and plastic membrane. Optional editor keypad.
*I/O: Software controlled RS232 serial port. Keypad Port. Tape In (ear) and Tape Out (mic).
Memory timings and contention are described in detail in the [[Contended memory#128K .2F .2B2|contended memory article]]

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