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Replacement Components

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|BC549 || || || || || || ||Y
===Spectrum +3===
The transistors in the +3 PSU are H1061s. Possible alternatives include the BD243C and TIP41C
==Integrated Circuits==
MM5920N (national Semiconductors) chips are equivalent to 4116 RAM chips
AM9016EDC (AMD) chips are the same as 4116 chips.
IMS2600P-12 (Inmos) chips work in any upper RAM position (IC15-22)
41256 chips work in place of 4164 upper RAM chips
V53C256P80L chips work in any upper RAM position (IC15-22)
MN41257-12 chips work in any upper RAM position (IC15-22)
74LSxx series chips can be replaced with 74HCTxx series chips
Various makes of Z80 processor are used on Spectrums.
Zilog Z80 CPU
Companies who supply suitable components
[ Cricklewood Electronics] specialise in hard to find/obsolete components.
[ Rapid Electronics]
[ Farnell] Large supplier with a huge product range.

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