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Timex 2000 series

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The Timex Machines
* The TS2068 is an American machine operating at 60Hz on a 110v power supply and generates an NTSC television picture (just like the Spectrums sold by mail order in the US by Sinclair) but with a [[Timex TS1000|TS1000]] (ZX81) compatible expansion bus.
There are also two modified versions of the TC2048; the TC2128 (Rebuiltion or similar) and the TC2144 (by Jarek Adamski). The TC2128 extends the TC2048 to 128K using the [[ZX Spectrum 128K|Spectrum 128 ]] memory scheme. The TC2144 does the same but provides an extra 16K of memory between 0x8000 and 0xc000. Both upgrades allow the ULA to use the shadow screen in Bank 7 giving the machine a total of four screen areas.
Although the Timex machines are similar to the 48K machine there are some timing differences:

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