Datel Genius Mouse

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Datel genius mouse

The Datel genius mouse is a Kempston mouse compatible interface released in 1989. It is logically Kempston_Mouse compatible, but not electrically compatible (So software designed for one will work with the other, but not the hardware)

The mouse itself is not Electrically compatible with either Kempston, Amiga, Or ST mice, but plugging it into an ST or Amiga will not harm it or the computer. (Although you should avoid plugging it into an original Kempston mouse interface)

The Datel mouse uses a custom chip instead of the discrete logic used in the Kempston interface providing a full Mouse and joystick interface using one chip and a few passive components, allowing Datel to sell the interface for less than the Kempston interface.

Used ports (Same as Kempston mouse)

Port Port # decoding Usage Notes
64479 FBDF xxxx x011 xx0x xxxx X axis 00-FF Roll over at 0 and $FF
65503 FFDF xxxx x111 xx0x xxxx Y Axis 00-FF Roll over at 0 and $FF
64223 FADF xxxx xx10 xx0x xxxx Buttons D0:Right D1:Left


Interface Mouse Interface PCB front Interface PCB back Mouse PCB front Mouse PCB back Interface schematic Mouse schematic