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The GRAMON by MS-CID is a graphically oriented monitor, designed for searching any graphics: sprites, character sets, images etc. It displays graphics stored in games and various other programs in all the most used storage formats, it supports a total of 11 types of graphics! For the whole game, to be searched in the computer's memory, the GRAMON is located in the video RAM at addresses # 4000- # 4800, ie in the upper third of the screen.

Load&Run of the program into the computer is executed by LOAD "GRAMON" CODE and RANDOMIZE USR 16384. GRAMON is not dependent on system variables. From ZXROM it uses only the font area #3D00-#3FFF, KEY-SCAN routine #028E-#02BE and LOAD and SAVE routines BYTES #04C2-#0604.

The GRAMON is a free program. The similar commercial program WLEZLEY is in many cases unusable because it can only two display types and does not support the most common type of graphics.

Description of the infoline

MEM: 15616 memory address from which the graphic is displayed
MODE:Z- display type, switchable with keys Z to N
- display with step 1
+ display with step 2 (for the type of graphics in the form of BYTE mask, BYTE graphics, BYTE mask, ...)
32 x 8 the size of the display window in bytes (the first number indicates the height, the second the width)
BUF:0 pointer to a buffer, where it is possible to save data (max. 10 sprites)

Function keys

Memory view
1 reduces the MEM by 1
2 increases MEM by 1
3 reduces the MEM by 8x the width of the window
4 increases MEM by 8x the width of the window
5 reduces the MEM by the width of the window
6 increases the MEM by the width of the window
7 reduces MEM by window size (width x height)
8 enlarges MEM by window size (width x height)
View mode
Z character *
X sinclair *
C zigzag
V column
B linear
N screen (has no effect - a +, width 32, height 64 set
I inverse / original display switch

Note: View modes marked * require the height of the window as an integral multiple of 8, therefore the height of the window can only be changed with step 8!