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Harry S Price must claim the dubious distinction of having ripped off more Sinclair Spectrum games than anybody else. He made slight changes to commercial releases and magazine type-in listings, often introducing bugs in the process, and sold the results to unwary software houses. Some games were even ripped off more than once, and some were even bundled with the Spectrum +2.

Apparently, the only time Price got into trouble was after the release of Crimebusters, based on David Jones' Spellbound. Mastertronic demanded a letter of apology, and the story was covered in the December 1986 issues of Crash and Sinclair User.

Here is a list of Harry S Price's rip-offs and the games they were based on. (Thanks to Michael Bruhn and others on comp.sys.sinclair for helping to compile this information.)

Price's rip-off Original game
Big bad john.png

Big Bad John (Tynesoft, 1986)

Molecule man.png

Molecule Man (Mastertronic, 1986)

Bubble run.png

Bubble Run (Tynesoft, 1986)

Bubble trouble.png

Bubble Trouble (Your Sinclair, 1986)

Magazine type-in listing.


Cashdash (Tynesoft, year?)


Eggo (Spectrum Computing, 1986)


Chaldon (unknown)



Colin the cleaner.png

Colin the Cleaner (Tynesoft, 1987)

Ralph on alpha 2.png

Ralph on Alpha 2 (16/48, year?)


Collywobbles (Pirate Software, 1987)




Crimebusters (IJK Software, 1986)


Spellbound (Mastertronic, 1985)

Dont say it spray it.png

Don't Say It, Spray It (IJK Software, 1988)

One man and his droid.png

One Man and his Droid (Mastertronic, 1985)

Dusty droid.png

Dusty Droid and the Garbage Gobblers (Pirate Software, 1988)

Some graphics are taken from Games Designer by Quicksilva.

Rocket man mike.png

Rocket Man Mike (Your Computer, 1985)


Gangplank (Pirate Software, 1987)

Icicle works.png

Icicle Works (Statesoft, 1985)

Ghostly grange.png

Ghostly Grange (Creative Sparks, 1988)

Also note Dusty Droid and the Garbage Gobblers, above.

Rocket man mike.png

Rocket Man Mike (Your Computer, 1985)


H.A.R.D. (IJK Software, 1986)

Jim: "I noticed that Harry Price did H.A.R.D. in 1986, a rip-off of Android (1983) by Costa Panayi. Could this be why Costa titled one of his later games H.A.T.E. (for Gremlin in 1989)?"

Android one.png

Android 1: The Reactor Run (Vortex Software, 1983)

I aint got nobody.png

I Ain't Got Nobody (Tynesoft, year?)

The caves of doom.png

The Caves of Doom (Mastertronic, 1985)


Knightfall (Pirate Software, 1987)

Rock n roll.png

Rock 'n' Roll (Your Sinclair, 1986)

Ku ku.png

Ku Ku (Micro Value, 1988)

Some or all graphics are taken from Sabre Wulf.

Project future.png

Project Future (Micromania, 1985)

Mind your head.png

Mind Your Head (IJK Software, 1986)

Also note Gangplank, above.

Icicle works.png

Icicle Works (Statesoft, 1985)


Monkey Run (IJK Software, 1986)




Mutations (Tynesoft, 1986)

Spawn of evil.png

Spawn of Evil (DK'Tronics, 1983)

Odd job eddie.png

Odd Job Eddie (Strobe, 1985)

The "128K version" has no additional features, but has been sneakily modified to crash on 48K machines. An incorrectly linked room means that you cannot collect every item in the game, but items are irrelevant because you only have to reach the "viewing room" to win.


Pyramania (16/48, 1984)

One for the road.png

One for the Road (Tynesoft, 1986)


MacMan (Your Spectrum, 1985)

Magazine type-in listing.

The steelyard blues.png

The Steelyard Blues (Tynesoft, 1987)

Cheekahs exploits.png

Cheekah's Exploits (Your Computer, 1986)

Magazine type-in listing.


Them (Pirate Software, 1988)

Also note Ku Ku, above.

Project future.png

Project Future (Micromania, 1985)

Tidy tony.png

Tidy Tony (Tynesoft, 1987)

Drive in.png

Drive In (Fantasy Software, 1984)

Who said that.png

Who Said That? (Tynesoft, 1987)

Micro mouse goes debugging.png

Micro Mouse Goes Debugging (M C Lothlorien, 1983)

Originally compiled by Paul Equinox Collins - reproduced with permission