Installing SpecBAS for Linux

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A quick guide to getting the current version of SpecBAS up and running on Linux systems

Downloading SpecBAS for Linux

The current version of SpecBAS for Linux can be found at

The SpecBAS_linux.tar.gz file contains the SpecBAS binary file, and the relevant source files.

Running SpecBAS for Linux

To run the current version of SpecBAS, you will need to have the bass audio library installed. The easiest way to achieve this is to copy the file, included in the SpecBAS_linux folder, to your /lib directory. The SpecBAS binary should then run from any location you wish to keep it.

Upon first execution, SpecBAS will create its working directory; /home/user/specbas . This folder is effectively the root folder for SpecBAS/SpecOS, where SpecBAS will load files from, and save files to. SpecBAS will be unaware of any files located outside of this folder.

Compiling your own version

All the source is included in the Linux tarball for anyone wishing to compile SpecBAS for Linux using Lazarus. The SpecBAS source files are also available from github, negating the need to download the binary when acquiring the latest source. The bass audio library is also available from