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This article describes the format of an image file. An image in this context refers to a representation of the data stored on a specific storage media such as a floppy diskette or an audio cassette tape.

The PZX format is a simplified replacement for the TZX format, claimed to be capable of encoding as wide a range of tapes as the latter. It was developed by Patrik Rak. Its homepage is [1].


Specification: [2]. (Legal status - can we just include it verbatim?)

Proposal for version 1.1

Deprecate info types [0x01] (publisher) through [0x08] (origin). Replace [0xFF] (comment) with [0xFF] (Infoseek ID stored as a string). Emulators should ignore deprecated types (but this will enable old PZXs to still be supported). If there is no comment or the Infoseek ID is not valid, no query should be made to the database to get the software info.

Emulator Support

The following emulators support PZX files: