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My main crime against Specchumanity is the '''[ scrplus] image-converter''', which started out as a tool for the ULAplus but is now branching out and becoming a general image conversion tool. Somewhat unusually for a project of mine (I'm a Linux fanboy through and through), it's also available for Windows.
I'm also working on a Spectrum emulator, '''[ Spiffy]''', which as of May 2012 can emulate a 48 well enough to load games from tape and play them, and supports a few peripherals such as the [[ZX Printer]], [[ULAplus]] and an [[AY-3-8912|AY chip]]. Spiffy is unusual in that the main bus (A0-A15A0–A15, D0-D7D0–D7, /{{overline|MREQ}}, /{{overline|IORQ}}, /{{overline|RD}}, /{{overline|WR}}, /{{overline|M1}}, /{{overline|RFSH}}, /{{overline|WAIT}}) is fully populated with the correct control signals; for instance all memory reads by the Z80 are actually performed by asserting the bus, then reading D0-D7 on the next Tstate. In other words, the communication between the Z80 and other 'virtual chips' is confined entirely to the virtual bus. Hopefully this should make it easier to implement peripherals and accurate ULA behaviour (contention, floating bus, and all that). Certainly, the peripherals I've implemented so far have been simple, self-contained additions to the source.
There's also '''[ blast]''', a curses-alike library, useful for making simple text-based interfaces. It can be used as an ASM library or a Spectranet module, and Z88DK C bindings are being developed by [[User:Guesser|Guesser]].

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