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Comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition

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Generally, the aim of the competition and criteria for entry and ranking have been loosely defined.<ref name="cgc2004">[ comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition]</ref> The focus has tended to be on low-quality games which reproduce the look, feel and unplayability of those found on the original Cascade [[wikipedia:Cassette 50|Cassette 50]] tape.<ref name="cgc2004" /> Also, games which parody, satirise or even extend those of the original Cassette 50 tape have been submitted. In later years the scope had broadened considerably with many newer titles bearing little resemblance to those on the Cassette 50 tape. Some accepted titles have consisted of technical tricks, joke programs or applications rather than games.<ref name="csscgc2008results">[ CSSCGC 2008 Results]</ref> Authors have also submitted deliberately good programs to the competition.<ref name="ZXF1-1">"The King of Crap" - ZX Format, issue 1, page 8</ref> A significant proportion of submissions have the word "simulator" in the title, a reference to [[wikipedia:Codemasters|Codemasters]] games that often had "simulator" in the title and often alluding to simulating something either completely mundane or conversely something well beyond the realistic limits of an 8-bit system.<ref name="csscgc2008results" />
Since its inception, the competition had originally been dominated by [[wikipedia:UK|UK]]-based entrants and judges, although in 2008 for example, the competition gained considerable international participation, with games being submitted from several countries including most notably Spain,<ref name="Bytemaniacos-1">{{cite journal|title="El peor jeugo del mundo tiene premio|journal=" - Fanzine Bytemaniacos|author=Miguel Angel Montejo Ráez|language=Spanish|year=2008|quote=Crear el jeugo peor realizado, más absurdo, sin sentido, injugable... ese es el objetivo.}}</ref> Argentina, Italy & Russia. Of particular note were the submissions of games in the Spanish and Russian languages and an eventual competition victory by a Spanish development team.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The Ultimate First Communion Simmulator|language=Spanish|publisher=The Mojon Twins|year=2009|accessdate=2011-05-05|quote=El camino hacia la salvación es arduo y esta lleno de vicisitudes.}}</ref>
Submissions are very often written in interpreted [[wikipedia:Sinclair BASIC|Sinclair BASIC]], suitable because of its slowness and limited audiovisual features.<ref name="sinclairfaq" /> However, submitted titles have also been developed in [[wikipedia:Z80|Z80]] machine code, compiled BASIC, [[wikipedia:Small-C|Small-C]] (using [[wikipedia:Z88DK|Z88DK]]) and [[wikipedia:Forth (programming language)|FORTH]] amongst others.<ref name="csscgc2008results" />

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