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Comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition

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|[[Image:Benkid77 CNPD.png|frame|center|Commode Nybbler Part Deux (2009), ZX Spectrum]]
|[[Image:Smiler in Arrowe Land.png|frame|center|Smiler in Arrowe Land<ref>{{cite journal |last=Bebbington |first=Shaun |date=March 2010 |title="Hello Smiler |journal=[[" - Micro Mart]] |, issue=1096 |, pages=102–103 |publisher=[[Dennis Publishing|Dennis Publishing Ltd.]] |quote=It's quite an interesting challenge for fans of puzzle games, although the spot effects are a little sparse and it's not graphically the best thing you'll see on the Spectrum.}}</ref> (2010), ZX Spectrum]]
|[[Image:Turbo Rubber Ducky Shootout.png|frame|center|Turbo Rubber Ducky Shootout (2010), ZX Spectrum]]

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