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Comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition

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The vast majority of the games submitted are for the [[wikipedia:ZX Spectrum|ZX Spectrum]] platform, which was the most successful and popular Sinclair computer.<ref>[ ZX Spectrum]</ref> However, games for the [[wikipedia:ZX80|ZX80]], [[wikipedia:ZX81|ZX81]]<ref name="ZXF7-1">"CSSCGC 2003 Results" - ZX Format, issue 7, page 16</ref> & [[wikipedia:Jupiter Ace|Jupiter Ace]] (a non-Sinclair "derivative" computer) as well as several other related computer models have also been submitted to the competition.<ref name="csscgc2008results" /> The exact list of permitted hardware platforms as well as the scope of allowed software is at the complete discretion of the incumbent judge, with variations in the rules commonplace from one year to the next.
In theory, the competition is organised, hosted and judged by a different individual each year, although some organisers have hosted and judged it on more than one occasion.<ref name="unsat" /><ref></ref> The host and judge are often the same person. However, as in the case of the 2005 competition, the judge can be a different person than the host. Some confusion seems to exist regarding the terms loser and winner. The winner should be considered the author who produces the worst game, and the loser the one who produces the best game. Typically, the loser of the competition is asked to be the host and/or judge of the following year's competition, whilst the winner may receive a low-value prize, or perhaps nothing at all apart from the recognition of having won. Another informal tradition is that the closing date of the competition may be deliberately set further back by the host whilst the competition itself is running,<ref>[ The CSS Crap Games Competition]</ref> often adding to the confusion and disorganisation that has been a hallmark of the event. However, as the rules vary according to the judge of the day, these practices are not always upheld. Over the years, the competition has generally maintained a whimsical and humorous approach to retro game development and judging.
==Availability of submissions==

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