Where Are They Now?

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What personalities from the Spectrum's commercial era are up to these days. (Please keep entries in alphabetical order by surname, and be sure to include a date...)

Derek Brewster (Codename MAT, Curse Of Sherwood)

Based in Newcastle and working since 2006 as an artist: [1] (Oct 2012)

Raffaele Cecco (Exolon, Cybernoid, Stormlord)

Involved in web development since 2003; author of the O'Reilly book Supercharged JavaScript Graphics. Has a website at professorcloud.com (Oct 2012)

Rupert Goodwins (Sinclair Research)

Now a writer, broadcaster and technology journalist, currently Technical Editor of IT Week magazine. Spoke at the Horizons event in May 2012 marking the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum. Has a personal blog at rupertgoodwins.com (Oct 2012)

David McCandless (Your Sinclair)

A London-based author, data journalist and information designer; runs the Information Is Beautiful blog. Has a personal website at davidmccandless.com (Oct 2012)

Veronika Megler (The Hobbit)

After graduating from the University of Melbourne, worked for 26 years at IBM in Australia and Portland, Oregon; now completing a PhD on data analysis for ocean research, at Portland State University. Profiled in an article on The Register. (Nov 2012)

Julian Todd (Fat Worm Blows A Sparky)

Has founded various websites relating to government transparency and data access, including TheyWorkForYou and QuickCode (formerly ScraperWiki). Has a personal website at https://www.freesteel.co.uk/ (May 2020)